Catching Lessons

You are a catcher. You have been catching for three, five, maybe ten years. Although you may have received countless hours of hitting instruction, or watched/read a dozen books, articles and videos on how to improve your offensive game, the amount of information you’ve received on the art of catching could be summed up in about five minutes of theory — and you’re not even sure that it’s correct!

Does this sound familiar?

It’s not unusual. In fact, the catching position is the most overlooked, from little league through the Major Leagues. That’s right, even Major League catchers — some former All-Stars included — never had formal or correct training on the position, and as a result do not catch as well as they can.

Would you like to improve your:

  • accuracy on throws to second base?
  • quickness in release (a.k.a., “pop time”) ?
  • ability to block balls in the dirt?
  • receiving technique, to get more strikes from the umpire?
  • performance on bunts?

If you need help in any of the above areas, and live within driving distance of Northern New Jersey, email me regarding availability for private catching lessons. Baseball and softball players of all ages are welcome; I work with both beginners and professionals because the fundamentals are the same!

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