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Mental Prep for Baseball with Jim Fannin

How does a Major League Baseball player prepare — mentally — for a big game or a postseason series?

I had the opportunity to discuss that topic and many others related to mental preparation for baseball with one of the leading experts on the subject, Jim Fannin.

Jim’s worked with 24 All-Stars over the years, including Alex Rodriguez, Casey Blake, Barry Zito, Carlos Delgado, Jim Thome, Orel Hershiser, Frank Thomas, Alex Cora, and many others.

You can learn more about Jim Fannin and the services he provides by visiting his website,

Listen to the conversation below. You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.


Stealing Signs is NOT Cheating

If you use a telescope, binoculars, or video camera to steal another team’s signs — THAT is cheating. But if all you use is your eyes, it’s completely within the rules — and it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Watch an example of Joe Mauer stealing the opposing catcher’s signs and relaying them to his teammate:

I do not advocate stealing signs below the high school level. In lower leagues, it is more important for players to be focusing on executing the fundamentals. Stealing signs — from the catcher or a coach — is an advanced technique that requires concentration and thinking. In addition, players and coaches should always be aware that someone may be watching, and therefore develop means to prevent their signs from being stolen.

We’ll get into the techniques on both sides in the future, but in the meantime if you have any suggestions for stealing signs or preventing the theft of signs, please post your comments.