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What To Use To Re-condition and Preserve Your Baseball or Softball Glove

Depending on where in the world you live, there’s a chance you haven’t seen your baseball glove in a few months — do you remember where you left it? It could be sitting at the bottom of your equipment bag, out in the garage, or next to your cleats down in the basement. Wherever it is, you may not have touched it since your last game — whenever that was. Soon, though, you’ll be playing again. If you’re in a warm weather region, practice will be starting soon; if you’re in a cooler climate, indoor workouts and/or weekend camps begin in January (if not already). Once you find your glove, you may discover it to be stiff, dried out, and not quite “game ready.” If so, you may want to treat it with a conditioner to get it into game shape. But what to use?