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The 7 Unbreakable Rules for Summer Baseball


Summer baseball is here, so many boys and young men are playing on multiple teams and/or in tournaments — making it the easiest time of year for pitchers, coaches, and parents to break rules that can endanger a pitcher’s health. Don’t know the rules or forgot them? Listen up and take notes if you want to keep a young pitcher’s arm healthy — both for this summer and for many years to come — as Angel and Joe discuss Seven Unbreakable Rules for Summer Baseball.


The Warning Signs and Precursors To UCL Injury


Sport kinesiologist and baseball pitching mechanics expert Angel Borrelli discuss Chad Billingsley‘s setback, including a description of the flexor tendon, its role in the pitching motion, and how it relates to the UCL and Tommy John surgery. Further, Angel explains the importance of recognizing warning signs / precursors to UCL injury, as well as finding the root cause of injuries — which are often traced back to a flaw or flaws in the pitching motion. Also, Angel defines the olecranon, how Gavin Floyd may have fractured it, and how Floyd’s fracture of it may be related to his UCL injury. Finally, Angel addresses the myth that velocity increases with longer stride / stride length should be a specific percentage of body height.


Tommy John Surgery Rehabilitation Explained


Sport kinesiologist Angel Borrelli and baseball instructor / blogger Joe Janish discuss reasons why pitchers going through rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery may run into setbacks, and, how to avoid them. They also explain the reasons so many MLB pitchers are having second Tommy John surgeries, and what can be done to prevent further elbow injuries. Finally, Angel talks at length about the rehab process in general, including reasons why some pitchers take longer than others to return to the mound. Some of the pitchers discussed in this episode include Chad Billingsley, Jeremy Hefner, and Matt Harvey.