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Offseason Pitching Programs and the Question of Long Toss


Pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli and baseball coach/blogger Joe Janish discuss the Mets’ decision to stall Matt Harvey‘s rehabilition schedule based on teammate Jeremy Hefner‘s setback. Angel offers theories on why the Mets may have come to this decision and explains the possible risks of slowing down Harvey’s progress. Additionally, she offers insight on what pitchers — both healthy and those rehabbing from injury — should be doing in the offseason. Finally, Angel answers a question from a listener regarding an offseason long-toss program recommended to a high school pitcher.


What Is A Pronator Mass Strain?


Pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli and baseball blogger Joe Janish talk about pitching mechanics. The show begins with discussion of Tyler Skaggs‘ decision to walk off the mound while in the middle of pitching a no-hitter. That leads into an explanation of a “pronator mass strain,” which was Skaggs’ initial diagnosis as well as the injury suffered by Cliff Lee. Angel then describes some signs that a pitcher may be fatigued and/or about to injure himself; and what a coach shoud do in such a situation. Further, Angel explains how a pitcher should be brought back from such an injury. The show closes with Joe and Angel talking about the theory that MLB pitchers will inevitably suffer decreased performance once they reach age 30 — including recommendations by Angel that can result in pitchers maintaining or increasing their performance as they age.