Jonathon Niese’s Shoulder Injury: Part 2

In Episode #2 of “The Fix,” Angel Borrelli and I follow up on Jonathon Niese’s shoulder issue, and Angel — a scientist and expert on human body movement — goes into detail on how shoulder injuries can occur and how pitchers can avoid them.

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Jonathon Niese’s Shoulder Injury Explained – Part 1


New York Mets Pitcher Jonathon Niese has struggled with shoulder and elbow issues during 2014 spring training. He also suffered a partially torn rotator cuff in 2013. What are the causes of his injuries, and how can they be fixed? I spoke with sport kinesiologist Angel Borrelli, a scientist who works specifically with baseball pitchers. If you are a pitcher, a coach of pitchers, or a parent of a pitcher, you will find this interview enlightening.

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MLB Experimental Rule 7.13 Regarding Home Plate Collisions

Major League Baseball has finally published the language for the new rule regarding plays at the plate and home plate collisions. Like the Designated Pinch-hitter rule, this is “experimental.”

Personally, I don’t understand why this language was necessary — the rules are/were already pretty clear in terms of what fielders at any base can do and not do depending on whether or not they have possession of the ball. Further, this new rule is written in a much different style from the rest of the rule book; it’s inconsist in style — though, that’s just me being nit-picky as an editor.

Here is the rule: [Continue reading]

What To Use To Re-condition and Preserve Your Baseball or Softball Glove

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Strasburg Dominates Without Strikeouts

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Swinging on 3-0 Counts


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Why Johan Santana May Not Return in 2011


Mets pitcher Johan Santana suffered a setback while rehabbing his injured shoulder. It may be a long time before he can return to the mound, unless he corrects the mechanical flaw that caused his injury in the first place. … [Continue reading]

Buster Posey Aftermath: What Should Be Done?


The awful result of a homeplate collision that ended the season of Giants catcher Buster Posey has prompted many to pose questions about the catching position, MLB rules, and Posey's future. What should change, and what shouldn't? … [Continue reading]

Ron Swoboda on Outfield Play


Former Miracle Met Ron Swoboda chats about the techniques and approach he developed while making himself into a Major League outfielder in the most recent baseball conversation. Many of you may remember, or have seen the highlight of, "the catch" … [Continue reading]

Hitting: How To Lose Power in Your Swing


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