Will Jarrod Parker Need a Third Tommy John Surgery?


Two injuries are discussed in depth by Joe Janish and baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli. First, the broken elbow suffered by Oakland Athletics pitcher Jarrod Parker, who was rehabbing from his second Tommy John surgery. Second, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Drew Smyly‘s shoulder injury — Angel goes into detail to explain a labrum tear and how the role of the labrum and shoulder in the pitching motion. Finally, Angel offeres two baseball pitching velocity tips; the first involving the wrist, the second focused on the importance of the glove arm and how it controls rotation. Refer to photos below that illustrate the tips described.


Interview with Dr. Glenn Fleisig – Baseball Biomechanics Expert and ASMI Research Director


In this episode, Joe and Angel interview Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Research Director for American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) and the foremost expert on biomechanics of the baseball pitching motion. Among the topics covered include Major League Baseball’s willingness to accept science in general and biomechanical analysis in particular; how quantitative and qualitative analysis work together to correct flaws in the pitching motion; and how science can prevent pitching injuries. Dr. Fleisig explains the process of evaluating and applying mechanical adjustments. Finally, Dr. Fleisig answers hot-button questions such as: 1) can mechanical adjustments enhance performance; 2) what is keeping pitchers from making necessary changes; 3) how can pitchers avoid second — or third — Tommy John surgeries; 4) are pitching injuries inevitable.

Interview with Baseball Dad: Father of Joe DeMers

The Fix Season 2 Episode 10

What’s it like to be the parent of one of the top high school players in the country? How do you protect the arm of a star pitcher from being over-used and abused by overzealous coaches? When do professional baseball scouts and college coaches start calling and visiting your home, and how do you manage them? How do you decide whether to accept a four-year scholarship or sign a million-dollar contract from a MLB team? What can a parent do to keep his/her son’s life balanced and prevent burnout? How can you keep your son’s feet on the ground while he reaches for the stars?

All these questions and more are answered by Tom DeMers, father of College Park High School (Pleasant Hill, California) senior and top-rated pitching prospect Joe DeMers.

Getting Over the Front Leg for Pitching Velocity Part Two

The Fix Season 2 Episode 9

In this episode, Joe Janish and Angel Borrelli discuss updates of pitchers from previous episodes, such as Homer Bailey, Jonathon Niese, Justin Verlander, Vic Black, and Masahiro Tanaka. In particular, Angel explains the connection between Vic Black’s herniated disc and his shoulder weakness, and she goes into detail about Tanaka’s reduced velocity. Finally, Angel provides a velocity tip by illustrating — with photos referenced below — how pitchers need to, and fail to, “get over the front leg.”


Baseball Pitching Velocity Tip: Get Over the Front Leg

THE FIX: Season 2 Episode 8

In this episode, Angel and Joe discuss the myriad arm injuries suffered by MLB pitchers in the first week of the season — Angel provides several reasons why those injuries occurred. In particular, they analyze the sudden elbow injury suffered by New York Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia. During which, Angel talks about the rules of the bones and explains what a journalist might mean by “slamming the elbow.” In the final segment, Angel offers a pitching velocity tip, illustrated by the photos below.

Jon Niese NOT getting over the front leg (left) vs. Masahiro Tanaka successfully getting over the front leg (right):

Two angles of Niese NOT getting over the front leg:


Pitching Velocity: How the Ball is Accelerated

THE FIX: Season 2 Episode 7

As The Fix podcast closes in on 5,000 all-time listens, Angel and Joe go back to the very first two episodes, which focused on Angel doing detective work to diagnose the nagging shoulder problems of New York Mets pitcher Jon Niese (see Jonathon Niese’s Shoulder Injury Explained, Part 1, and Part 2). More than a year later, Niese came to the exact same conclusion as Angel — a mechanical adjustment to his stride alleviates the pain and, hopefully, will prevent further injury to his shoulder. Additionally, Joe and Angel further investigate Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander‘s triceps injury, with Angel discussing pitching in pain and explaining the process and systems of getting injured pitchers from shutdown mode back to the mound.

Finally, refer to the image above when Angel begins discussing the velocity tip at the end of the podcast.

A Velocity Tip That’s Better Than Weighted Balls (and Safer)

In Season 2, Episode 6 of The Fix, Joe Janish and Angel Borrelli discuss in detail Justin Verlander‘s triceps cramp, why it happened, his risk of continuing to pitch with it, how the issue can be fixed, and what pitchers should do if they suffer similar symptoms. In doing so, Angel explains the scientific process of diagnosing and fixing pitching mechanics from the perspective of a kinesiologist. Also, Angel uses Masahiro Tanaka‘s minor UCL tear as an example of what can happen when pitchers pitch through major injuries.

Additionally, Angel answers a question from a listener regarding whether weighted balls and weighted ball programs are worthwhile for improving pitching performance.

Finally, listeners are treated to a free tip to increase a baseball pitcher’s velocity, and it has to do with maximum external rotation.

Above is the photo that Angel refers to in the podcast during her velocity tip.

Zack Wheeler Didn’t Need Tommy John Surgery

The New York Mets announced that Zack Wheeler underwent successful Tommy John surgery to repair his UCL and a torn flexor tendon. That’s good news. However, Wheeler could have avoided the surgery. How? Listen to Season 2, Episode 5 of The Fix. Continue reading “Zack Wheeler Didn’t Need Tommy John Surgery”

Could Tom Seaver Have Been Even Better?

Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver won 311 games and struck out over 3600 batters in his 20-year MLB career, relying on guts, guile, and pinpoint command of four pitches — including a mid-90s fastball. Could “Tom Terrific” have been even better? Hard to fathom, but baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli points out a flaw in Seaver’s classic “drop and drive” delivery that robbed him of MPH. What was that flaw? Listen to Season 2, Episode 4 of The Fix to find out. Continue reading “Could Tom Seaver Have Been Even Better?”

Should Pitchers Throw Through Soreness?

Baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli and Joe Janish discuss the rash of pitching injuries suffered in the first week of 2015 spring training games. Is long toss a good idea when a pitcher has a sore arm and/or a possible arm injury? Should he “throw through” soreness? A particular focus on Gavin Floyd‘s chronic and recurring elbow injuries, as well as the contrast between how Yu Darvish and Mark Appel reacted to warning signs experienced during their pregame warmups. Other pitchers discussed include Cliff Lee, Brandon Cumpton, Tim Collins, Adam Wainwright, and Vincent Velasquez. Finally, Angel shares a secret to pitching velocity.