Jonathon Niese’s Shoulder Injury Explained – Part 1

Mets pitcher Jon Niese at foot strike


New York Mets Pitcher Jonathon Niese has struggled with shoulder and elbow issues during 2014 spring training. He also suffered a partially torn rotator cuff in 2013. What are the causes of his injuries, and how can they be fixed? I spoke with sport kinesiologist Angel Borrelli, a scientist who works specifically with baseball pitchers. If you are a pitcher, a coach of pitchers, or a parent of a pitcher, you will find this interview enlightening.

Among other topics, we discuss:

1. How injuries should be handled and diagnosed

2. What pitchers should be doing in between innings

3. What is the risk of pitching in cold weather?

4. What is “dead arm”?

5. What is wrong with Jon Niese’s shoulder, and how can it be fixed?


Listen below:


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