Could Tom Seaver Have Been Even Better?

Tom Seaver's classic drop and drive pitching delivery

Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver won 311 games and struck out over 3600 batters in his 20-year MLB career, relying on guts, guile, and pinpoint command of four pitches — including a mid-90s fastball. Could “Tom Terrific” have been even better? Hard to fathom, but baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli points out a flaw in Seaver’s classic “drop and drive” delivery that robbed him of MPH. What was that flaw? Listen to Season 2, Episode 4 of The Fix to find out.

Also in this episode, Angel and Joe Janish go into thorough detail regarding the “stretched” ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) suffered by New York Mets pitcher Josh Edgin, as well as the warning signs he experienced that led to the injury. They also review Gavin Floyd‘s chronic olecranon issue, a problem orginally covered on The Fix in the summer of 2014. Angel also explains what “torn flexor tendon” means, how it occurs, and how to prevent it.

On the bright side, Angel and Joe highlight Washington Nationals pitcher Zack Thornton and how the 38-year-old lefty is still throwing gas (hat tip to a story in the Washington Post). Finally, Angel provides a secret to velocity that every pitcher should know.

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