Interview with Dr. Glenn Fleisig – Baseball Biomechanics Expert and ASMI Research Director


In this episode, Joe and Angel interview Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Research Director for American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) and the foremost expert on biomechanics of the baseball pitching motion. Among the topics covered include Major League Baseball’s willingness to accept science in general and biomechanical analysis in particular; how quantitative and qualitative analysis work together to correct flaws in the pitching motion; and how science can prevent pitching injuries. Dr. Fleisig explains the process of evaluating and applying mechanical adjustments. Finally, Dr. Fleisig answers hot-button questions such as: 1) can mechanical adjustments enhance performance; 2) what is keeping pitchers from making necessary changes; 3) how can pitchers avoid second — or third — Tommy John surgeries; 4) are pitching injuries inevitable.

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