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Homer Bailey’s Mechanical Flaw and How To Fix It

Reds pitcher Homer Bailey pitching motion follow through

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey has had multiple arm issues throughout his big-league career, and many of them can be traced to mechanical flaws in his pitching delivery.

In Season 2, Episode 2 of The Fix, baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli explains one of the flaws and how it can be fixed.

Additionally, the scientist explains what “warming up” means and how pitchers should approach and execute a proper warmup routine.

Finally, Angel reveals a pitching velocity secret that every pitcher can work on.

Above and below are photos of Homer Bailey that go with subject matter presented in the podcast.

cincinnati reds pitcher homer bailey follow through


Why So Many Pitching Injuries This Time Of Year?


Angel Borrelli and Joe Janish start off season two of The Fix discussing pitching mechanics and injury prevention. The beginning of spring training / spring practice through the beginning of the season is the time when most pitching injuries occur — why? Here’s a hint: you can’t blame it directly on cold weather. Also, what is the single most important factor to consider in keeping pitchers healthy this year — for pitchers at all levels from little league through the big leagues? (Another hint: it has nothing to do with pitch counts nor innings limits.) What should you be looking for, and asking your pitchers, when spring practice begins. Finally, Angel provides a secret to pitching velocity that pitchers can begin working on today.